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Presented by J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, 826 National, and theory11. What's inside the box?More Details



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Blake Vogt - Meaning of Magic j.bayme
Thoughts on Magic • 4 days ago Blake Vogt on the meaning of magic. The roots of Blake's inspiration and fascination with magic and mystery.
826 5 7
Exposé - To The Moon! Andrei
Exposé • 5 days ago This week we have news, several Wire releases, and a special guest appearance by Blake Vogt!
1786 87 7
David Kwong at TED j.bayme
Stage Magic • 1 week, 4 days ago David Kwong performing and presenting on stage at TED in March 2014. What does magic have in common with puzzles? The instinctive, human, relentless desire to s...
492 0 0
Exposé - It's Trouble! Andrei
Exposé • 1 week, 5 days ago This week, we discuss 3 new releases and our latest collaboration with JJ Abrams, 826 National, and Bad Robot: The Mystery Bottle.
6658 90 7
Exposé - Mini MoMo j.bayme
Exposé • 2 weeks ago This week on Exposé: Andrei Jikh, Calen Morelli, Christen Gerhart, Jonathan Bayme, Dan White, Jason England, and a lot more!
2433 20 5
Optical Illusion by Patrick Hughes j.bayme
Cool Stuff • 3 weeks ago Amazing optical illusion painting by Patrick Hughes on display in Windsor, UK.
1124 0 2
Dan White - Phone Through Glass j.bayme
Stage Magic • 3 weeks ago In a promotional video for Orange Cloud, Dan White vanishes a cell phone and makes it re-appear inside of a glass display case.
1962 2 8
W:H - Underwater Escape j.bayme
Stage Magic • 3 weeks ago Wayne Houchin attempts a dangerous underwater escape, locked in chains, on Breaking Magic.
755 0 1
Christen Gerhart & William Shatner j.bayme
Cool Stuff • 3 weeks ago Christen Gerhart joins William Shatner on his brown bag wine tasting show, speaking about her attraction to magic and her favorite wines.
858 1 7
3 Years 3 Days 3 Minutes GregoryLackner
Cool Stuff • 3 weeks ago 3 Years into magic, 3 days to film and edit, 3 minutes long (ish) Mix of magic, manipulation, flourishes.
493 2 3

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