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Holiday Contest 2014

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Cardistry/Flourishing • 4 days ago Created and written by Ladislas Toubart & Brice Van Durme // Featuring Dimitri Arleri
688 3 17
Exposé - Spin The Wheel j.bayme
Exposé • 6 days ago This week on Exposé, we announce the grand winners of our MC2 Competition, the latest news, holiday contest, and inside scoop on what to expect NEXT week at th...
1466 138 13
A Card Orchestration (MC2 Grand Prize Winner) CaseyRudd
Cardistry/Flourishing • 6 days ago Our Grand Prize winner for our Magic & Cardistry Competition by Paul Robaia!
232 0 0
Doin' My Stuff (MC2 Second Place) CaseyRudd
Cardistry/Flourishing • 6 days ago Our Second Place winner for our Magic & Cardistry Competition!
90 0 0
Vortical (MC2 Third Place) CaseyRudd
Cardistry/Flourishing • 6 days ago Our Third Place winner for our Magic & Cardistry Competition!
86 1 2
Magician gets out of Speeding Ticket with Magic! SJBrundage
Street Magic • 1 week, 1 day ago At 3am I was pulled over doing 42 in a 30 MPH. The cop asked why I had all the cards in my car and asked me to show him a trick. I'm happy to say I left without...
344 3 5
Exposé - Holiday Contest 2014! Andrei
Exposé • 1 week, 6 days ago Announcing our 2014 Holiday Contest with prizes ranging from elite points, rare decks, all the way to three grand prizes!
1647 149 15
Moritz Mueller on Ellen Lyle Borders
Stage Magic • 2 weeks ago Moritz Mueller, who shocked the magic world a few weeks back with his amazing coin magic, wows Ellen on her show.
1092 1 11
Exposé - Free Gold Monarchs! j.bayme
Exposé • 2 weeks ago The inside scoop on the new Rarebit Playing Cards and our Black Friday event - for 12 hours ONLY today!
1184 76 7
FLARE j.bayme
Solo Magic • 3 weeks ago New video showcasing magic, cardistry, and beautiful, visual color changes by Ollie Mealing.
1065 1 2

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